Value-    A typical setup for a larger firm consist of partners using their names and their "25+ years of experience" in the advertising, but having their associates do all the work. I decided to cut out the "middle man". Now you are getting the same associate that would have been taking care of you at that large firm, but for a FRACTION OF THE COST.

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I received a Letter of Investigation from the Florida Department of Health (FDOH), what should I do?

If you have received Letter of Investigation from the FDOH it means that someone (an individual or an employer) has filed a complaint against you. The process is as follows:

​1. An individual or employer (such as a hospital) files a complaint with FDOH.

2. An investigator with the FDOH is assigned to the case.

3. The investigator sends you a Letter of Investigation which specifies the complaint made against you.

(This is the point where you will want to hire an attorney, specifically one who primarily handles licensing issues.)

4. I work with the client to get together all the documents I need to write the best Response to the Letter of Investigation.

5. I write the Response, using my knowledge and experience of what the FDOH likes to see in the responses. 

​6. I submit the response to the FDOH via mail, fax, and e-mail.

7. I call the investigator about a week later to ascertain if they have read the response and what they have done or are planning to do.

8. I will email the FDOH to see what attorney has been assigned to the case.

9. If the case is sent to an attorney in the Emergency Suspension Department/Unit, I will call the atto
rney and advocate for the client that the case should be downgraded and removed from Emergency Suspension.

10. Whether or not the case is sent to Emergency Suspension, I asked the assigned attorney if they have read my response and what their thoughts are. I will ask the attorney if there is any additional documentation that they might like to have to help facilitate them in their decision (such as additional drug tests, if relevant).​

11. My goal is for the attorney to dismiss the case instead of sending it to what is called a Probable Cause Panel (PCP).

12. If the attorney is determined to send it to a PCP, my goal is now for the attorney to recommend what is called a Letter of Concern/Guidance. A Letter of Concern is non-disciplinary event and would still be a big win, because we are able to avoid a formal Administrative Complaint (AC). 

13. In some cases, it unavoidable to get IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses) involved. This may be the only way to keep your license. Most often I would tell my clients that IPN is a last resort. Feel free to do your own research (via Blogs about other nurses experiences with them) and you will likely find out why. 

14. If the PCP does file an AC, then the following steps will occur outlined in the next section, What to Do if I Receive an Administrative Complaint. (See Articles by John.)

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Passion-   When I was young, I asked my dad why he became a lawyer. He said, "I never want anyone to take advantage of my family. I want to protect people." As an attorney, I have made that my mission statement. I want to protect and defend people. To me there is no better feeling than helping someone, like a nurse, keep his or her license and be able to continue in their livelihood.

My fiancé is a licensed Medical Doctor. I treat all my clients as if they are her I am protecting.

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Experience-   While working at a large health care law firm, my sole duty was to focus on licensing issues. You do not want to handle your licensing case yourself. You want an attorney. Furthermore, you don't just want ANY attorney, you want one that FOCUSES on licensing matters. I am very familiar with the process, as well as what the Florida Department of Health wants in a answer to an administrative complaint from the health care professional. I am also very familiar with I.P.N (Intervention Project for Nurses).

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